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Allergy Evaluation & Treatment

Allergy Evaluation and Treatment

At Westwood, we fully explain the pathology, present options, and develop a plan that addresses the patient's needs and circumstances. Whether you have allergies or sinusitis, there are lots of ways we can help. This is our area of specialty, so no matter what your condition is, we are sure to be of service. Wouldn’t you like to get yourself on the path to feeling better?

Come by for a visit and learn about the state-of-the-art options we have in store for you—some of which you won’t find anywhere else, from CT to DC. Has the endless array of over-the-counter options proved futile for you? Perhaps choose a non-invasive procedure, like Balloon Sinus Dilation; it doesn’t just temporarily treat your symptoms, like those pesky medicines often do, but helps reshape your nasal passages for permanent relief. This effectively decreases the chances of continued problems as proper drainage will eliminate buildup.

Your symptoms could be due to many irritations, such as foods, pollen, dust or mold. Our allergy department is staffed by trained nurses who specialize in managing and treating allergies. Thorough and specific skin testing is required for proper diagnosis. Once allergies have been identified, our nurses and physicians will develop an individualized and effective treatment plan.