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Our audiologists understand that the process of obtaining hearing aids for the first time can be both an emotional and financial decision. The audiology team is sensitive toward all of our patient's personal hearing needs and lifestyles, and believes that maximum hearing aid success involves not only a great hearing aid, but informative hearing aid counseling as well. A hearing aid consultation appointment is the first step toward improving your hearing health and quality of life.

During your hearing aid consultation, the audiologist will discuss your hearing test results with you, your hearing aid candidacy, and your listening / communication difficulties. Using your specific hearing test results, hearing aids will be programmed for you to perceive the sound quality and volume difference heard through hearing aids. Current hearing aid technology, features, appearance styles, and cost will be thoroughly explained, with take home information provided for additional purchase consideration. Financial options are also available.

Once the decision has been made to purchase hearing aids, a 1-hour hearing aid fitting appointment will be scheduled within 1-2 weeks at your convenience. The audiologist will ensure physical comfort and sound comfort during this time, as well as instruct you on proper hearing aid use, care, and maintenance.

During the hearing aid trial period, it is highly recommended that you schedule follow-up appointments to ensure proper use of the hearing aid, significant listening and communication benefit, and for the audiologist to make appropriate programming adjustments. Your progress with the hearing aids will also be tested to compare your unaided hearing to your new aided hearing scores. With your hearing aid purchase, all hearing aid appointments are free of charge for the lifetime of your hearing aids.

All hearing aids have a 1-3 year manufacturer warranty (at no additional charge) that covers any repairs, damages, or accidental loss. With your hearing aid purchase, our office also supplies hearing aid batteries, from 15-35 battery packs per hearing aid depending on your particular purchase / level of hearing aid technology. Since routine maintenance of your hearing aid is important for ongoing success and proper hearing aid function, our audiologists will mail you reminder letters for a 6 month and 12 month hearing aid follow-up appointment, as well as warranty renewal notices.

As the act of hearing involves the entire auditory system from the ear to the brain, continuous use of hearing aids can re-strengthen and stabilize such connections. With practice, patience, and commitment, our audiologists will help you step-by-step to quickly adjust and re-acclimate to true sound.