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Ear (Audiology)

Our audiologists specialize in identifying, managing, and preventing hearing loss, dizziness / imbalance and other related ear issues. Services include comprehensive hearing evaluations, diagnostic vestibular testing, retrocochlear assessment, dispensing advanced hearing aid technology and providing custom hearing protection. When you decide to purchase a hearing aid at Westwood, we will give you all the necessary counseling and evaluation: provide a testing/trial period, help you schedule your consultation and general maintenance appointments, and with your purchase, our office will supply the hearing aid batteries.

Nose (Rhinology)

If you have recurrent sinus issues, you might think you have allergies when it is actually a case of sinusitis, or vice versa. The first step telling the difference. Our allergy nurses specialize in evaluating and treating allergies. The allergy department offers evaluation and dietary counseling for environmental and food allergies, including fungi. Thorough and specific skin testing is done for proper diagnosis. Once allergies have been identified, our allergy team will develop an individualized and effective treatment plan. As for chronic infections, there are several options for you to explore on this site. Keep clicking to learn about state-of-the-art treatments we can offer you, like non-invasive Balloon Sinus Dilation.

Throat (Laryngology), Head & Neck

All the services we offer truly make us one of the more fully comprehensive facilities you will find in the area. Our abilities are far-reaching and you should be able to find all you need during your visit. We do not just cover the basics (general ENT), so if your plan includes surgical procedures, we’ve got you covered. Do you have a mass in your neck or a pain you can’t get rid of? Is there a hoarseness to your voice you just can’t seem to shake? Does your snoring wake your partner at night? Whatever the case may be, check out our breakdown of conditions and how we can be of assistance. If the symptoms noted there start sounding all-too-familiar, you should schedule an appointment with one of our professionals right away… it could change your life.